Tuesday, February 18, 2003

"So use that finger to pull your eyelid down, then use that finger to slide the lens off the coloured part of your eye, then insert your thumb and pinch the contact lens off and pull it out. It shouldn't hurt. (Pause) Well, it will if you do it like that. Here, have a tissue."
In the last four weeks I have...1) been promoted 2) had my haircut 3) rearranged my room 4) paid council tax 5) got contact lenses. I now have...1) my own desk and a much more interesting job description 2) shorter hair 3) what feels like better feng shui 4) less money 5) better sight and marks where I keep jabbing my face trying to push up the glasses that are no longer there.

Oh, and also in the last four weeks, we seem to have crept ever closer to War and London now has a tax for cars entering the centre during the day.

We live in interesting times; I find it occasionally surprisingly easy to forget that. ::hugs self warmly in the winter sun::

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