Thursday, February 13, 2003

"Were you patting down his fuzzy love-bongos while he waggled his dripping rhythm stick at you? Did you play his pink piccolo and toot his kazoo?"
Yes, the inappropriate headers are back, as well as the pain of my wisdom tooth. Dammit, it hurts and as I had run out of paracetamol yesterday and Medic Flatmate B wasn't around to dispense "borrowed" post-surgery painkillers, I almost cracked and drank the comedy Ouzo straight from the bottle. I didn't, however, which is why I am here to tell the tale.

To ease the nagging pain of my aching, cramped jaw, today will be a day of quotes and comments, not necessarily all from the Silly Smut archives but probably woefully out of context and smut-driven nonetheless. You have been warned.

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