Wednesday, March 19, 2003

"6. Saddam has been universally seen firing his gun indiscriminately and menacingly. Under the second amendment, this right would be extended to everyone." – Matthew Engel ponders what would happen if Iraq, post-war, became America, in The Guardian today
And that's all I want to say on the matter.

Well, I had a great weekend despite the clouds of ol' Armageddon looming. To keep up the cheer and stick two fingers up to anti-French sentiment which I think is an abysmal consequence for a country that isn’t all that keen on becoming America’s towel-boy, I went to see a film. A French hip hop dance musical, in fact. And it was brilliant. It was also the last - and only second – time it will be shown in the UK as it was part of a festivalwhich is just *so* unfair as it’s a really fun film, full of the most amazing dance sequences and would go down really well as a general release… So though I was about to let rip and start raving about how original, funny, uplifting and breathtaking, gravity-defying, mind-blowingly great it was, there’s kind of no point if none of you can go see it. Unless you buy it and watch it at home, of course. Or go to France, pester my sister for food and shelter, go native and say fuck you to the US and their goddamn "freedom fries" - chips with extra irony, methinks - by renting it from the video shop and watching it in the comfort of a country that isn't really in the mood to blow up half the world. The choice, as we say in the "free" world, is yours.

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