Thursday, March 27, 2003

"Oh, go gotta come to the screening... you've got to...oh, go on... it'll be *great*, I promise... it's going to be *so good* - please say you'll come. Please? Pleeeeease?"
Apologies for the interruption to the usual service on the Avenue but due to the Joys of My First Job, I've taken on / been cruelly delegated a whole load of stuff at work: I've been organising a screening of short films made by young people (from way before my time... waaaaaaay before my time) at the same time as wrapping up the weekend training courses and planning / schmoozing for a festival next month, while simultaneously getting the proverbial ball rolling for our big website / re-branding event in May. As well as all that, my LittleBigSister's swiftly approaching wedding abroad has been eating up my non-work time when I've not been sleeping and beating up booze-stealing punks in my dreams. And the new series of arm-severingly good ER has started on Channel 4 so at least one evening a week is taken up. Ergo, there's been little activity on the mean streets of Hypatia, and for that, my apologies.

Once this damn screening is over (kids and plasticine mainly, my favourite bit is the roll of credits at the end and ooh, when the lights go up and we can go home; yeah, I love that bit) I am determined to have more time idling on my computer, fiddlng about with this blog in particular and chainsmoking and running up enormous bills on my mobile because I'm still on dial-up and have to pay through the nose to talk on the phone while surfing really slowly...still, it'll be blissful after all of this. Blissful. Totally. :: sigh :: Not long now until I have to drag my office-numbed arse to the BBC. :: second dramatic sigh :: Not long now...

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