Tuesday, April 15, 2003

"...soooo hong kong..."
This truly is.

You gotta love that Hong Kong "designer labels or die" (literally) spirit in the face of adversity.

Still, SARS is no laughing matter. All our many, many, many relatives over there are in our thoughts as this mysterioso virus continues to rage through South East Asia - no one can make it over to France or London to LittleBigSister's wedding this summer for fear of contagion. And all the relatives on my mother's side work in schools, right across the board from head of primaries to university lecturers all of which have had to close and keep kids away while this thing is still around, attacking unsuspecting people. Bah. I think North Korea is letting us know in a none too subtle way that they too have biological weapons and are not afraid to use them...

In other news: I have moved from the flat upstairs to the flat downstairs and it is beautiful. All new wooden flooring, cream walls, large, bright windows with long floaty curtains, a proper, functional kitchen with enough room for a table and a TV and sofa... we had fun milling about in there yesterday. I went down to the kitchen and found Flatmates A and B circling each other, flapping their arms because they could. We were all tremendously excited because in our previous kitchen we could barely even cook.

In other news, I am planning an afternoon tea party for my impending birthday / housewarming. Dress code: a) as if you've just come back from chapel b) on your way to tennis / cricket / croquet c) being sent down from college back to Brideshead for your naughty, naughty behaviour. Absolutely ripping! Last one down to the botancal gardens is a rotten plover's egg - and Tarquin, you rotter, don't cheat or you're as much a cad and a bounder as your step-brother Lord Barton-Heralding! Tally Ho!

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