Friday, April 11, 2003

"...Oh, sorry. Was that the main switch? Sorry, I just need to turn off the lights..."
So said the criminally moronic "electrican" just before lunch, who had come to fix our emergency lighting and managed to turn off main power for the downstairs office by accident. As the place was plunged into darkness, cries of "Fucksocks!" rang out across the shadowy office. And all those bits of unsaved work disappeared like smoke. Then the fire alarm went off...

Thank god (and all other relevant deities) it's Friday - and next week it's Easter which means a four day week! And another one after that! Tally-ho, pip pip and huzzah!

And for more huzzahs and hiphiphurrays, here's some news for Harry Potter maniacs (look, I'm not the only one, okay?) Look out for the news on April 9th - keep your eyes closed if you don't want to know about book 5.

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