Wednesday, July 02, 2003

"So what do you do at work all day?"
Hypatia says: :: boggles :: can you see the future?
Andrew says: oh yes
Hypatia says: okay, tell me what I'm going to do with the banana, two plums and shirvelled passion fruit on my desk
Andrew says: make amusing images of genitalia and email them to me
Andrew says: you have a scanner right?
Hypatia says: Wow, you really *can* see future!
Andrew says: it came to me the moment you said plums
Hypatia says: plumsplumsplums
Andrew says: oo stop it you're just turning me on now
Hypatia says: have got office graphics designer guy on case re: the fruit
Hypatia says: hang on...
Hypatia says: oh, he's just eaten some of it
Hypatia says: damn
Andrew says: gah
Andrew says: didn't he know there was a higher purpose at stake
Hypatia says: well, he of all people I thought would understand the importance of art

Well, after that fruitful (fnar) morning of hard slog in the office, I ate the banana. I was hungry. I'm sorry: you just can't be a starving artist if you happen to make "art" out of fruit.

In other news, graphics guy has now moved to the desk opposite me and works on a very sexy Powerbook, through which he blasts out music on iTunes - and Realplayer! I can finally hear that set by The Necks on BBC Radio 3! We can watch movie trailers! We can view the new Weebl cartoons with sound! Woo! YAY! Graphics guy also wears the most intoxicating and mind-bending men's fragrances that are sometimes, often when he wears incredibly tight and artfully deconstructed FCUK t-shirts, quite distracting.

Ah. What can I say? Plums.

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