Friday, July 04, 2003

"It's Friday... of course we're not doing any frickin' work..."
Yah, I know it's lazy blogging to just copy and paste IM but as this blog seems to be a log of my activities it's the best way available to me for conveying just what I do all day. Oh, how office larks have imporved since the arrival of some speakers and the availability of Realplayer...

Hypatia says: help me!!! Graphics Guy is dancing in the back office holding his crotch!!! make him stop!!!
Colleague 1 says: I dont think I want to - im coming in to see
Hypatia says: no!!! you'll go blind
Hypatia says: wait - I'll let you know when he's grabbing himself and hopping about again...
Colleague 1 says: I'm on orange alert and ready to move at your command
Hypatia says: standby...
Colleague 2 says: r we going for a drink tonight
Hypatia says: ummm... dunno. Are you asking me out on a date? I've got a boyfriend you know
Colleague 2 says: if i was you asking you out and a date i would not do it with Colleague 1 in the conversenation aswell
Hypatia says: oh, I see. You're trying to make us fight over you? That's sick.
Hypatia says: Colleague 2 actually asked Graphics Guy out for a drink first but he's not on messenger - and he turned Colleague 2 down!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
Colleague 1 says: Colleague 2 you cant have us both - its decision time
Colleague 2 says: how dare you you know Graphics Guy only as eyes for you
Colleague 2 says: i greedy
Hypatia says: WHICH ONE???
Colleague 2 says: i am greedy
Colleague 1 says: iTS ME OR HER
Colleague 2 says: i choose......
Hypatia says: Let me point out to Colleague 2 that Colleague 1 is the vegetarian option
Hypatia says: I come with Chinese ribs
Colleague 1 says: thats right - im 100% organic
Hypatia says: careful with your spelling there, girlie
Colleague 1 says: lol
Colleague 2 says: cat fight
Hypatia says: let's not fight with false advertising tee hee
Colleague 2 says: o.k
Colleague 2 says: r Colleague 1 and Hypatia going for a drink aftter work
Hypatia says: without you Colleague 2 - we've decided we're not going to fight over you and run away together instead
Colleague 2 says: nooooooooooooooooooooo not again

Oh dear: there are biscuits in the room and the new Weebl cartoon is up, some very funky d'n'b is playing and the drinks are beckoning. Like, I'm gonna do any work, ever. yeah. ::grabs crotch and starts dancing::

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