Thursday, July 24, 2003

"You sub-editors... you're all subnormal..."
Since my last entry here, things at work have... not exactly improved but changed muchly. And not necessarily in good ways as I seem to be swamped with a multitude of aimless and frustrating tasks but at least Graphics Guy is back, albeit with his crotch-dancing joie de vivre wiped out of him. Home life is still amusing and Nice, as is the darling Taxloss and our early rising flatmate. Also...
1) went to see new friend Velvet Goldmine from the dinner party on June 26, play in The Telegraph in Brixton. His band The Trap are a good live act to witness. The evening was officially declared A Cracking Good Time
2) went for dinner with Taxloss and his workmates last night and had what was officially Another Cracking Good (Vegan, Gluten, Wheat, Dairy Free) Time. Thank you Deputy, Sundried, Lentil and Taxloss for inviting me - and cuddles to Ringo for being such a good kitty, who's a good kitty? You're a good kitty! Yes you are, you are a good kitty! etc. See him can-can as a kitten
3) I have grown to resent and detest my job and the woman I work for.
4) still living with Taxloss
5) have started my monthly shedding of womb lining and I WANT EVERYONE I HATE TO DIE, RIGHT NOW, IN PAIN, SLOWLY.

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