Friday, July 18, 2003

Things have taken a rather dramatic turn at work with raised voices, disciplinary hearings and an atmosphere in which everyone feels obliged to tiptoe around quietly and not make eye contact with one another. :: sigh :: And still settling into the new flat; I promise I *will* settle, Taxloss, just gimme some time and more space for my shoes! So this week has been exhausting and draining and unsettled in more ways than one and I am currently sitting at my desk wanting to cry. The proximity of the weekend is the only thing stopping these pesky tears...

Still, am blogging and surfing away my blues and enjoying some hentai, listening to some cool, uninterrupted music and wasting mine and my BigBro's time in IM.

Am looking forward to next week, a new start and so on after plenty of sleep and some intense Tidying Up and Sorting Out. And some good lovin', of course. That should sort me out.

Big smiles and bright faces when I next write here, I promise... leave things in the comment boxes to cheer me up, if you so will...

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