Wednesday, January 07, 2004

It's been a busy time and I've not written anything here due to Christmas preoccupations - BUT! A monster update to come, with careful editing to weed out all the boring bits about lying in front of the TV and drooling into the cushions. And then once that is over, I am contemplating a re-vamp of the Avenue, but I'm not sure in what cyber-Changing Rooms direction I want to take it. Sheets of MDF painted lime green stuck together with Blu-tack and Pritt-Stick aint really my thing, though for the sake of change, I may be tempted...

Hello to all my fellow bloggers - Prandial, back in the northern hemisphere, darling Devukha, back in the saddle, Taz, back in academia and of course, my darling, fuzzy, sleepy Ginger Spice. Schnoogles all, and semi-schnoogles to you non-blogging readers. You're going to be electronic lepers soon if you're not careful.

But of course I'll still love you, I'll just have to shun you and wash my hands after every time you cross my path, you effing Luddite scum, you.

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