Tuesday, April 20, 2004

"I'm happiest when I've got something in my mouth. Usually food."
Has anyone else noticed the similarity in appearance of my three favourite foods: bento, dim sum, and baklava? Can anyone else add foodstuffs of a similar look to this list? I'm compiling a fantasy dinner menu wherein everything is bitesize - BUT miniature versions of existing food stuffs things don't count (ie. mini-sausage rolls, mini-Kievs, mini-Scotch eggs... bleeurgghhh).

Devukha - how big are those Polish dumplings you keep promising me? Could these be added to the table?

And does anyone know of ancient foods (Roman, Ancient Egyptian etc) and / or indigenous foods that could become part of the meal?

Ah. Food. I'd die without. No, seriously: I would.

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