Monday, April 19, 2004

"Lists and Tupperware. They’re like my left and right hands. Really. It’s like that."
Days: 3 – Friday 16 to Sunday 19 April

Proper meals: 5

Places of origin of meals: Hong Kong / China, Lebanon, France, Dorset, Sainsburys

Smoked: Hand-rolled cigarettes, strawberry shisha (aka hookah, hubbly-bubbly, Arabian pipe of the type the caterpillar smokes in Alice in Wonderland)

Belly dancing: none (though gleefully anticipated)

Times skirt blown overhead in Edgware Road on Saturday night: 7

Super-strong thimble-sized Lebanese coffees (with extra Evil): 2

Baklava: 1 and a half

Time estimated to cook Sunday roast, in total: 1 hour 20 minutes

Time in reality needed to cook Sunday roast: 2 hours 15 minutes plus extra shouting at the potatoes

Hugs: 57 (mainly Taxloss)

Friends met and spent Quality Time with: 5

Series of The Office watched with mouth open, in dressing gown, on sofa: 1 and 2

Fun: super-size

Question: Who can come to my birthday bash on Saturday 1st May?

Question 2: Can I be any happier than I am at the moment?

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