Friday, June 18, 2004

"Let's just order a pizza..."
That's not an option at a traditional Chinese wedding. Remember: it's not a proper wedding unless everyone has been forced to take home at least 5 foil boxes of surplus food each even though they have eaten so much already, blinking begins to hurt. Oh dear. I can feel the cultural clash coming upon us even before we've set a date.

It's important to observe certain Chinese traditions, I don't feel comfortable looking forward to the ceremony, the Big Day etc without thinking of certain things - my sister did it all marvellously at her wedding last year, with a wonderful tea ceremony and a totally unforced combination of East and West. I wonder how well Taxloss and I will manage it. I don't think he knows about the obligatory limbo dance contest he must take at the altar. Or the two live snakes he has to swallow to earn my parents blessing the day before. And orange / lime green tartan is the traditional dress for the groom...

While looking up these links, I found this and though I was going to make some amusing quips about it here, I had a closer look and felt it was completely and utterly inappropriate to do so. Look at these women. There's more to this site than just lonely hearts looking for love. This is trade. This is consumerism at its lowest and sickest. Bah. Jokes about mail order brides and so on I do find amusing but when I think about the lives these women lead once snapped up... it's just too awful.

On a happier note: Fizzwhizz has started her Older Gods series to complement her Older Goddesses series which has been immensely enjoyable so far. Woo! Jeremy Irons Jeremy Irons Jeremy Irons Jeremy Irons...

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