Sunday, June 20, 2004

"What's in that old coffee jar?"
"Sake. Get it while it's hot!"
"Why is everything in this house served out of an old coffee jar?"
Now that is how a weekend should be spent and much thanks to my future hubbie for teaching me the way of the Loafer - I learned from the best! After a splendid evening in North London with G & L and the three and a half year old golden haired moppet L2, I had a deep and satisfying sleep late into Saturday morning which unfortunately meant Taxloss had the same and missed his train to his folks. He was gone in double-quick time however and I slept on, then had a leisurely coffee with Boatie Flatmate, a stroll around the market together and then a long and enjoyable afternoon in the library.

Current reading list:
The Gothic Short Stories of the Marquis de Sade
Tom Brown's Schooldays
The Tough Guide to Fantasyland (a satirical guidebook to the genre by Diana Wynne Jones)
Death (the J-pop cutesy manga spin-off comic book to Neil Gaiman's Sandman collection - as weird and wonderful as it sounds)

Current CD list:
The Penguin Cafe Orchestra - Broadcasting from Home
John Parish and PJ Harvey - Dance Hall at Louse Point
Philip Glass and Fodoy Sousa - Music from The Screens

Current video list:
Swan Lake by Adventures in Motion Pictures (the alternative all-male swan lake - yummy)
Malcolm in the Middle

There. That should keep me going for a while. Or at least until Taxloss returns and I can spend my time pestering him for sweets instead.

And today - a proper Sunday with a dim sum lunch with my folks and then tea and tiny thimbles of hot sake at the flat and a quiet smiley chat about wedding plans with my Ma (the in-laws have yet to meet...) and a presentation of fancy whisky to Pa because it's Father's Day and...

.. my Ma has just burst in brimming with indignation and some shopping shrieking about the brat that just blocked her way back up the stairs.

Ma: $%^*"((£!!!!!! So young and so rude already! If I see her again, and she blocks my way again like that, I will hit her. I will HIT HER! A damn five year old trying to duff up a 60 plus old woman like me! How dare she? I will throw her down the stairs if I have to! Does she think she can pick on me? Does she think I won't react? I'll react! I'll show her! Grrrrrr! [shakes bag of potatoes violently] I got a cauliflower for dinner! Here, [slams package of individual Mr Kipling apple pies on table] you take these home! They were on offer - they are nice! Ooh, I'm just furious now - that little brat! And take these pears too! Grrr!

Wow. Now that is evidence that you should never literally cross my mother.

Hope all of you have had good weekends - what did y'all get up to?

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