Sunday, July 11, 2004

"... cough ... cough ..."
First of all, thanks to all the ideas for my London citybreak: I shall come up with an itinerary soon and seek further approval and suggestions from you all. I've been lounging around the flat, coughing and blowing my nose in disgusting foghorn fashion, as I am concurrently getting over a cold and recovering from an excessive Friday and Saturday night.

Last night I revisited Hammersmith, location of the Office of Doomand had a cracking night out with university friends who came out in force to celebrate mine and Taxloss' engagement. Most of London seems to be refurbishing at the moment which is a little annoying but we still had a good time bar hopping and then having dinner at the heartily recommended Hammersmith cafe (greasy spoon diner by day, BYOB Thai restaurant by night - an amazing place, truly). I feel as though I have conveniently gotten this part of West London out of my system and can focus on other, less familiar parts of London for my holiday.

Is there any thing in Hackney worth seeing? Or should I really not bother with that borough at all? Brick Lane and Stepney Green for the Genesis cinema is on the list but that's all for the eastside unless anyone can convince me differently...

And hey! Look at me! I'm writing this blogpost via wireless broadband! And curiously, the signal strength, like my mobile phone, keeps changing whenever I lean even a fraction of an inch forward in my chair. I'm currently typing this with my arms stretched fully in front of me as I don't want to fuck up my connection. Despite the cramp settling into my shoulders, it's worth it: Boatie Flatmate is currently watching The World's Wildest Police Videos with Taxloss next door and simultaneously commenting on the previous post, Taxloss is downloading something right now... and all without a single wire to trip us up around the flat. Bliss.

By the way, is it ridiculous for a 24 year old avid anti-exercise, "all my previous experience is in beginners' contemporary dance and the slightly less pretentious end of physical theatre" full-time office worker to learn classical ballet? Am I just asking for endless mockery if I invest in a tutu and tights in the next few weeks? And is it okay to smoke at the barre?

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