Thursday, July 08, 2004

"A healthy body is the guest-chamber of the soul; a sick, its prison" -Francis Bacon
Soooo... after all the excitement of the Summer Event, things are seemingly back to normal. However, due to the excessive rain, wind and running around we all had to do on the day and in the weeks leading up to it, the office has become a doctor's waiting room, with all of us hacking, coughing and falling over. A lot. I held out against the Office Illness longer than most but it's nothing to be proud of as everyone who succumbed before me has taken time off and I am left to sit sniffling, guzzling paracetamol as The One Who Got Left To Man The Desks Because There Is No One Else To Do It, Despite Being Very Ill Myself. Grrr. I'd rant more about the injustices of the situation but I just don't have the energy. Tea and sympathy to the usual place please.

Still, it's good to be able to move on from the most ambitious and weather-beaten event the organisation has ever attempted and I am looking forward to some time off... I'm planning a week's city break, touring and hanging around and generally enjoying a place I have also wanted to go to for a holiday... London.


1) I need to go somewhere I don't have to pay for accommodation
2) I need to go somewhere that doesn't cost a great deal to get to or travel around
3) I want to go somewhere cosmopolitan, with nightlife and great places to eat out, hang around, markets and museums

If I choose London for my week's city break:

1) I've already paid up for accommodation and therefore am not actually paying extra for shelter for that week
2)I've got a travelcard already, so as above, I'm not actually paying surplus funds towards getting around the place
3) London is an amazing city and I want to see it as other wide-eyed, enthusiastic out-of-towners see it, rathe than through the jaded and cynical eyes of one who has grown-up, lived and worked here

I'm booking a week off this afternoon. Any recommendations for what to see and / or do (especially the more off-beat stuff), drop in the comments box below - I'm very grateful! Remember - I've already been on the London Eye...

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