Friday, August 06, 2004

"I could have saved more.This tiepin... this diamond... I could have saved two more people... this car... five more... I could have saved more... why didn't I?"

I was very touched by this and not a little surprised - I thought I might be Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? or something of that "faded filmstar" bitchfest ilk. Or maybe Toystory. But no! I turned out to be Schindler's List, this top-quality, meaningful film and quite like the implication that I am far more compassionate than Bette Davis in her "without HRT!" performance in scary little-girl ringlets and pancake makeup, being mad and bad in a way only she knows how. Though I'm sure if I took this test at some other time during the month, Baby Jane would come up with bells on.

I LOVE these tests (mostly on a quiet Friday afternoon, I've noticed.)

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