Monday, August 09, 2004

"Life out of balance."
Yet another weekend spent wandering around London in the sunshine and enjoying all the fabulous free events on offer at the moment, in particular, an absolutely breath-taking showing of Koyaanisqatsi at the National Theatre. This could be the most extraordinary film experience I've had so far: the top terrace was absolutely packed with people who had camped from early on, hogging the rows of National Theatre deckchairs with strategically placed jumpers and bags, gazing in awe at the projected image on the enormous Lyttelton flytower. The queue for the bar was phenomenally long and slow. The middle terrace was a much smaller place and was even more crowded with people staring in awe at a considerably smaller screen and on ground level, it was quite a sight to see so many people lounging on the astroturf, on cushions, on plastic bags, on each other, all crammed together to watch this amazing film on a hot summer's night.

And guess what is showing next weekend? Metropolis. We've learned our lesson now and will be going super-early to bag some seats - who is coming? Let us know and we'll bring extra plastic cups and a corkscrew...

In other news, I mentioned the strange thing I had about waking up with first light no matter what which was robbing me of a decent, unbroken night's sleep... well, with the heat and humidity at the moment, I can't seem to stop sleeping - I think I've been genetically warped and become a cat because every time I go near a sun beam, I just curl up and fall asleep. It's not as cute as it sounds: do you know how cats keep themselves clean?

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