Thursday, January 27, 2005

"Friday the 13th? That's so romantic!"
That's one more wedding to put in my diary and I'd like to point out that I saw this one coming a mile away. If he wasn't going to ask her, and she was too cautious to do it, I would have rolled up my sleeves and forced one of them (doesn't matter which one...) down on one knee eventually. Because they need to be married, being that kind of couple - so in loooove, etc.

Like the three witches in Macbeth, our trio had been plotting since before Christmas where and when to meet and it being slightly too cold at the moment for the traditional gathering around a cauldron of rancid chardonnay on a blasted but trendy bohemian heath, we met in the Spitz instead and caught up on each other's really quite tremendous news. I am VERY happy for the lovely couple and not a little jealous that in the short period between Christmas Day when the question was asked and our Monday night dinner only a month later, they already have a date, the church booked and a party already in planning.

... we talked and talked and were girls and ate salad and drank white wine and went pink and giggled when the waiter tried to flirt with us, admired one another's hats on the way back to the station and had big girlie hugs on the platform...

... then I almost caused a fight on the tube on the way home: I was sitting opposite a young and angry-looking drunk with two neat and tidy businessmen chatting animatedly together to my right. One of the businessmen gestured in my direction - not at me, but in my direction - and the young drunk lunged forward, furious, and shouted at them. "Don't point at her! Thassrude! Thassrude to point at her! She's a nice girl! You shouldn't point at a nice girl like her!" The three of us, sitting in a row opposite the young drunk, all stared back at him blankly and our open-mouthed reflection in the window made an amusing picture until we pulled into the next station and I hurriedly leapt off to change lines. The man who was sitting on my left and who I hadn't paid attention to so far kept pace with me as I headed towards the other platform and he plucked at my elbow and said, laughing:

"You're face is causing trouble!"
I laughed with him.
"It always does!" I replied and jumped on my train and felt strangely pleased with myself all the way home.

Then I lurched into the flat and demanded food. Then I watched Newsnight. And oh, how my high spirits drooped. More on that later. But what a nice evening, with such nice girls. The world is a nice place, isn't it? It's just... nice. Tell me what you think is nice in the comments below: extra points for the unexpected, unlikely and the most revelatory about yourself.


Taxloss said...

You didn't tell me about that Tube incident. I thought you might after what happened last time.

McReadie said...

Oh, the joys of drunks on the tube. Teetotaller McReadie finds such events especially enjoyable. I once had a fun singalong of the assorted hits of the Beatles with two drunkards on a train from London Bridge. Happy times.

OK, OK, nice things... Nice things... Let's see. Well, I mean, you mention weddings in your post. Those seem like nice things to me. But I wonder whether I can add anything else...

Nice... Hmmm... Er, OK, here's my list:

- Hamsters
- A warm bed on a cold day
- My new sort-of-boss who is, I swear, the nicest man in the universe
- Pyjamas
- New layout of Hypatia Avenue (I keep meaning to complement it, and keep forgetting)

Now, you said extra points for "most revelatory about yourself". I'm a little stumped on that one. I need some further reflection time. More to follow, perhaps.

PS. You went to The Spitz? Oooo, I've been there! My God, I feel almost (gasp) TRENDY!