Thursday, January 20, 2005

"off to buy a baguette on my rollerblades (joke)"
A selection of sentences from my email inbox, just because.

I’m about to run naked through Hammersmith with a plate of bacon and eggs strapped to my head.

The only time I've got a rush from Derrida was after standing up too quickly when I got cramp.

Nothing wrong with lengthy e-mails.

I promise not to be too shit-faced when we meet. I'm still recovering from Sunday's Last Stand at Point Porcelain Pony and will take things slowly.

hey, I can make a rule AND break it...

What is a skidoo?

I bet the Queen Mother would have been the type to hog the superslide at the swimming pool. I can just see her now, swaying and swearing at the very top of the steps, gin and tonic in one hand, a drenched copy of Racing Post in the other while all the little kiddies huddle in their bathing suits, plotting how and when to shove her down the flume and be done with it.

- tempted by munching some stranger's penis by accident one lunchtime.

*every* goddam picture has feckin' red eye.

>gah. 11am and I've only managed to have a coffee, have a fag, read G2 and piss about online.

*gulp* Please don't let him be ugly... pleeeeeeeeease...

Megatron was preyed upon by a gigantic Transformer who turned into a planet (of all things!), and offered to give Megatron a serious MOT and extra mufflers if he would become it's servant in destroying all and sundry. So, it seems that a Transformer with a weight and size problem (who didn't change into something conventional & cool) became socially ill and wanted to kill everyone else who wouldn't be seen alive with him on a Friday night after a hard week of transforming.

you might get even more groped if you were by yourself....

Bored, now I'm back in the office after a morning of gentle sabotage at the BBC. Bored. Bored. Bored.

once again I am leaving London.


McReadie said...

I am very envious of the selection of entertaining e-mails you get :) A selection of my inbox would mainly consist of "IMPORTANTE messages from LLOYD'S TSB!: Urgent"

Planethalder said...

LOL can we exchange inboxes please!

Shem said...

I like it. I should do this, for fun.

Fizzwhizz said...

I bet I can spot which ones are from Taxloss.