Thursday, June 09, 2005

"I hate your job more than I hate mine."
- predictable conversation starter between myself and my brother
It's especially hard to love this job when I'm working on the dark side of the room during this sunny spell and I seem to be mainly double-checking names and / or figures on a very, very, very big spreadsheet. Or washing up. So, summer: hello and goodbye. Still, I hear it's nice in Madrid.

And at least I can enjoy London in the hot weather by proxy by sending my parents off to see the things that I would like to see for me. Such as the biggest open air tea dance ever attempted. It filled me with a warm and fuzzy sort of joy to think of my folks wandering off to Trafalgar Square for an afternoon of free fair trade tea and tango, rhumba, cha cha cha (and char) and waltzing. It was a little too warm and bright for their tastes so after some idle spectating and a few cups of tea, they caugh the bus to Hyde Park and had an ice cream in the shade by the Serpentine then tottered home for dinner.

Now that is a great summer afternoon in London. I can't wait to retire and make the most of my OAP bus pass.

I'm currently heartbroken and pining for the baby blackbird that has been learning to fly on our patio. I spent a very pleasant Sunday watching this grumpy-features feathered tennis ball trying to clear the back wall and failing in various chirping, disgruntled attempts - it was so adorable watching it hop about and flying in short bursts from plant to plant then it would brace itself for a longer flight and go full pelt into the back wall, fall to the floor with a distressed cheep and start again. I'm sad because... I think the baby blackbird has now flown away to a grown-up life somewhere else. And I miss it. It didn't help my currently over-sentimental mood this morning when I saw this in the Guardian today.

I'm going out for a chocolate bar but can't think of what I want. Any recommendations?

Unlike many other people, I actually like coconut. But I couldn't eat a whole one.


Bahoti Fla'atmayt al-Kuwaiti said...

Hello everyone!

I hope the baby blackbird didn't get eaten by that ginger cat that has been skulking around the back garden!

I'm sure you'll be glad to hear I've managed to survive war, sandstorms, gunfire, sitting in a helicopter with a gaggle of page three girls, an afternoon in an Iraqi Jail and sleeping half a dozen squaddies (They were alll in separate bunks mind!).

Any hoo am safely back in civilization... well sort of, I'm dying for a beer and I'm in a f##king dry country!

Making most of free hotel internet.

Back tomorrow.

- Boatie Flatmate

Fizzwhizz said...

I have been jonesing for a Caramac ever since Friday night when someone mentioned the name. But I don't think you can get them any more.

McReadie said...

Ah, Fizzwhizz, Caramacs are truly lovely... I'm pleased to report you can still get them, but they are hard to find. I recommend checking in newsagents rather than in, for example, Woolworths or Sainsburys or whatever. Though if you find it difficult to track one down, try Caramac Kit-Kats - yes, your conventional Kit Kat product with Caramac instead of conventional chocolate.

Tell us, Hyp - what did you go for in the end?

Hypatia said...

Heh. I was pondering it too long and ended up in the pub, enjoying a red wine flavoured beverage instead.

Caramac... they were great but went chalky if too cold. They were best eaten slightly warm. But are Caramacs strictly chocolate? Are they not some sort of hardened fondant? Answers, I demand answers!