Wednesday, August 17, 2005

"Are you completely insane?"
I've been walking home from work most evenings; I was even walking to work for a while but realised I would have to spend the day surreptitiously massaging my calves under my desk and in need of a second, clean outfit each day if I did. It got easier and easier to walk the hour long route and I had a new pair of trainers bought dead-cheap from the perpetually-closing-down Lilliwhites and I thought... "well, let's step this up and have a run every now and then."

Once I got this idea in my head and tried out a 40 minute walking / running burst of activity, I then saw an advert for this.

Then I mentioned it to the guys who work with me on this.

And then, that afternoon, as I walked home, I realised that I had registered for the Nike 10k run in October.

Scared and slightly sweaty already about the whole thing. But at least I get a free t-shirt and a microchip.

Updates on my training, preparation, procrastination and increasingly elaborate whining will be available in detail here but also in less frequent and slightly edited guise over here. First post here.

Oh bollocks.

And bollocks again.


McReadie said...

Ha ha - this post sounds familiar (aside from the actually-signing-up-to-something thing!)

I recently have started walking longer and longer distances, without really minding, and started to think about doing some kind of organised thing. The Nike Run is ruled out because of the second word, though :) I was thinking more along the lines of the Kellogg's Great Walk or something. I wouldn't get a free t-shirt, but perhaps I'd get some free cereal. Mmmmm... McReadie loves the cereal.

I salute you in actually having signeed on the dotted line to do such an event! We'll all be following your progress. Will you be adding a sponsored aspect to the event?

McReadie said...

Oooo, and why hasn't Taxloss signed up to accompany you? :) That way you could bully those who know you both from the blogosphere into sponsoring you both individually - more cash!

porn * said...

Well blow me down with a crackpipe, who would have thought it: Hypatia in running shoes. Run like a gazelle, run run run! I shall come along and cheer you on. Haven't we changed since our beer n'punting days when we could barely make it up the hill to college without stopping for a fag halfway. I salute you.

Rufus said...

I have signed up for RUNLONDON too. Where do you intend to do your running?