Friday, April 21, 2006

"...because I'm damned if 'I do' and damned if I don't."

Am in France. Have been shopping for outrageous underwear, cheese, pigs' ears and Asterix crisps with both sisters - one is pregnant, the other isn't. Both are very happy with their current status, as am I. It's hot and sunny here, we've been relaxing and just hanging out togehter and we're learning a lot about each other as we stay in this little flat in this little town. Apparently I snore too loudly but can be commanded to stop by my non-pregnant sister who just shouts out "SNORING" and I stop without waking up.

Back in London, our beloved Londonist Editro has a new and fabulously exciting job - congratulations and let's have a drink (on your card, of course) when we meet for that meatless meal in the porn-covered restaurant on Tuesday.

Further congratulations to the Smiths on the arrival of Baby Smith; looking forward to meeting the little guy and here's hoping he has a name by then.

Hen night plans gather apace. If you're around on May 13th and you belong to the Beautiful and the Damned, join me, the Queen of the Damned, for the evening. There will be dirges, weeping and with any luck, a Viking longboat that we can set fire to and launch down the Serpentine at midnight to say goodbye to my single life in style. Bring matches. Bring whiskey. And bring black lipstick or else you're not getting in.

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