Wednesday, July 19, 2006

"I don't mind if you make him look like Johnny Depp..."
Whatever I say about my day job, there is always an element of absurdity and surrealness that keeps things lively.

I've just been asked to go into the other room to draw a pirate with an open treasure chest for a training day tomorrow. The pirate and treasure chest visual aid will be the key element in a particularly camp group exercise the trainer has devised so it needs to be good.

So I was given all the materials I could possibly need, an electric fan and lots of peace and quiet to get on with my masterpiece. The best half hour of my week so far, and the most productive. Sadly, I'm unable to scan my drawing or take a picture of it while at work so I'll put a picture of a pirate cat here instead.

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Anonymous said...

Ah! [pointing] You have a woman's legs, my lord! I'll wager those are legs that have never been sliced clean off by a falling sail, and swept into the sea before your very eyes.