Thursday, January 10, 2008

"Just stick the microphone down your jumper, that's lovely..."

Look! It's me on Sky News! I've tried to embed the clip but it doesn't seem to be working so here's the link - requires Flash. I'm talking an enormous amount of rubbish, but that doesn't matter as my hair looks *fabulous*.

I got picked up in a cab from East London and was driven all the way to Sky Village which is a compound of lots of Sky TV buildings near Heathrow. Got dropped off at the Sky News building and was ushered into the Green Room where I had to wait half an hour as my driver was so worried about the traffic he floored it through West London and I was so early I clashed with the folks preparing for the 7pm Five News. I got to stand very awkwardly next to presenter Matt Barbet who is as twinkly and cute in real life as he is on TV - 100 watt smile and perfect hair.

Then he left and I had to sit and make polite, interested conversation with the lone guest for about 15 minutes. He wasn't a cocaine-snorting Blue Peter presenter as Katy had hoped, but better: it was Rimmer from Red Dwarf!

I made small talk with Rimmer from Red Dwarf and didn't once call him a smeghead or do the big twirly Space Corps salute! He was very nice, very keen to talk and when I watched his clip on the monitor, I noticed he used several phrases he had used in our conversation so having a chat with me was clearly a bit of rehearsal for him.

I really enjoyed saying 'inappropriate touching' on live TV and suggesting that LOLcats could crash planes.

So that's a small moment of media glamour to start the year. What's next? I'll let you know...

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