Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Vote! Vote now!

Londonist has been nominated for best European blog - vote now! We've had an amazing year: from January 2007 to January 2008 we've gathered an amazing, friendly, lively team and developed some well-loved strands on the site. Our voice is settling into something reliable and fun without being flippant, and we're nurturing some great relations with Flickr photographers, food writers, cowboys, cooks and generally fantastic Londoners.

It's been my rock, my source of creativity and consistently good social life during a fairly turbulent year when my skills, talents and creativity were stretched, challenged, neglected or underused. It was very up and down last year in terms of my career and how I decided to change it. This nomination is a good reward for all the dedication and faith in Londonist - vote to make the nomination a win, vote to prove me right: it was all worth it.

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Planethalder said...

Just tagged you Hyp!