Tuesday, January 14, 2003

"The idea of pouring Bolly over half-dead tramps has made me cackle like a Hyena. A Hyena cackling in the Serengeti over the corpse of a large male wildebeest which a lion has been too full to eat and has left sprawled juicily on a nice Italian salad sprinkled with Parmesan and balsamic vinegar." - Flatmate A, today, re: our current pasta problem
Yes, everything sounds better out of context.

In other news, I have pictures from Christmas and New Year's Eve! Although only one of the two rolls I handed in to the developers has come back, meaning another trip up the high street during my lunchbreak tomorrow to queue behind a huge crowd of people at a counter manned by only one cowed work-experience girl/boy whose mind is focused only on what sandwich they can afford with their paltry expenses from Benjy's next door. Abusive screaming rant-space has been reserved for the chance that the second roll of film may not actually return, developed or otherwise. Uploads to follow...

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