Monday, July 07, 2003

" could attack the fat one with clumps of that cholesterol lowering margerine: it would melt her like water on the wicked witch of the west a la Wizard of Oz..."
*Ahem* Additional photos of our time in France - supplementary to the photos I've linked to previously, therefore these particular ones are mainly of kids and people milling about.

Oh, and some graduation pictures, as promised, in which I look generally horrible and from some angles, offensively awful. But, hey, the folks look pleased which was probably always going to be the most important part of the event...

In other news: I've had my haircut. I've finished the Harry Potter book. I've discovered that Jessops can develop your standard 35mm films as normal AND digitise all the pics and put them on PhotoCD for a minimal extra charge - Woo! And I've done absolutely no fucking work all day, except IM with my BigBro, upload photos for your viewing pleasure, email people and eat ridiculous amounts of organic houmous at my desk. Woo. And YAY.

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