Friday, January 09, 2004

"One day, a kind neighbour bought me eight magnificent mackerel she had just caught straight from the sea. They were the freshest I had ever seen, their bellies iridescent in sky blue and pink: there was even lemon yellow amongst the tiger stripes on top. This was exactly what I wanted."
This is rather late but I wanted to leave the link-gathering for a time when all involved have become more accustomed to the idea that Glynn is no longer with us. It was a shock as I'd not really seen much of my old school pal Lucifer during 2003, it being the year of rather large events for both him and me, and the last distinguishable contact I had had with his parents was at his father's self-penned panto "Jack and the Beansprout" almost exactly two years ago (there'd been some contact since then but this is most distinct at time of writing...).

Before Lucifer took off to travel the world autumn 2003, we had a long catching-up chat during which he informed me his father's leaukaemia was still much as it was and I gave not much more thought to it until I got the news while at work from my sister. And Lucifer was back in the country within hours and the mourning began; a tremendously sad time.

I've seen good old Lucifer since the funeral and was immensely pleased to see he had lost none of his enthusiasm and optimism and lust for living life to the full. He reminded me of his father's passion for colour and music and food and wine and company and basically making the most of every moment we have in this endlessly fascinating, interesting and dazzling world we live in - and fabulously, he'll be back travelling again in the Spring. My thoughts go to him and his family at this sad time and to the future too, where there'll be the legacy of Glynn's art and music to fill the space he has left and the brightness and colour to keep us all smiling.


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