Tuesday, May 25, 2004

"Aw... shucks..."
3 rice cakes with the last scrapings of red pepper houmous and mixed olive houmous
Two cups of coffee, banana
2 slices organic rye bread with mature cheddar, cucumber slices and cherry tomatoes
organic red apple, raw nuts and pumpkin seeds, two biscuits
3 oysters
roast lamb with pork, lemon and thyme stuffing, roast potatoes, organic rocket
two glasses Chilean red wine
Strawberries dipped in chocolate
5 cigarettes (total)

Now boys and girls, do you see the almost comic slide from austere new healthy eating for improved mind, body and soul into the wildly and unexpectedly luxurious indulgent feasting for dinner that we enjoyed. Taxloss completely wowed me by feeding me oysters before rolling out the main course (god bless posh shellfish counter at Sainsburys!) and even shucked the lot of them himself, like the brave boy he is: we don't have proper oyster knives - yet - so it was a case of attacking them with a tea towel and small paring knife...

I'm a hopeless, shameless gormand glutton. I actually fantasise about being covered up to my neck in a rich red wine, balsamic vinegar and organic shallot gravy then scattered with a thyme and curly-leaf parsley polenta crumbs.

Is that wrong?

But more importantly... Who fancies meeting up for dinner soon?

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