Wednesday, June 02, 2004

And then I did this and then I did that and then I was sick and we went home and it was great."
Things that have happened recently:
I have started to plan a book club with two extremely classy and clever university friends and we’re looking forward to a monthly session of intelligent, erudite conversation and the selection of books extending to poetry, plays and hopefully even graphic novels and less conventional literary forms.

I saw Troy with my Mama and we both enjoyed (more than we expected) the oiled beefcakes in leather skirts with swords extravaganza. It’s a cross between Gladiator, Lord of the Rings and Jason and the Argonauts, quite harmless and surprisingly inoffensive with some cracking one-on-one fight scenes and extremely large scale, messy and brutal battle scenes. I tried to watch Return of the King at home the same evening but then fell asleep, woke up confused and had to stop watching as I couldn’t remember which film I was watching at the time. Yeah, there aren’t any Orcs in ancient Greece but that Orlando Bloom and perpetual-supporting-actor-who-often-gets-killed-early-on-in-the-movie Sean Bean do repeat on a person a bit.

It’s my Papa’s birthday today and he has reached a most auspicious and venerable age. Much rejoicing with dimsum and this book (a Chinese language edition, located by my ever resourceful brother) has been had.

I’ve been doing more writing and obsessively cleaning my home over the Bank Holiday weekend in lieu of any quality DIY.

My modem has arrived and I shall be setting up broadband for my self and eventually the entire flat! It’s the first step towards my much-fantasised wireless home network. My toes are wiggling with excitement even as I type it up…

I’m hungover for the first time since Boatie Flatmate’s absinthe and gut-rot birthday overload. And I’ve got a whole afternoon of unpacking tables and stacking chairs ahead of me. Nice. I’m hungover today because I had an evening that involved this and an almost perfect re-enactment of the night wherein this and this occurred – exactly a year and a month later.

Plenty of other things have happened, and some of these don’t actually involve me but read the top of this entry and from the outset, it’s clear this blog just aint gonna be an outward looking one. At least I can spell.

Next update will come to you via broadband! (Hopefully…)

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