Thursday, May 06, 2004

"Soooo... how old are you now?"
The Birthday: a very nice time, with cocktails, gin and tonics, my sister, Devukha, Taxloss, Former Flatmate B and a variety of post-grad buddies and an enormous contingent of post-grad family friends taking up the reserved “joint birthday and also leaving party” area… I was surprisingly sober by the end of the evening – possibly because I fell into conversation with a gang of rather good-looking blokes who sheepishly told me they were students, then looked even more sheepish when I asked what university they went to and they had to admit they were sitting GCSEs.

GCSEs! ! ! ! *facepalm* I went home after that and had a good rampage through the flat with Taxloss as we had the place to ourselves and we could do whatever we wanted. Which we do anyway when Boatie Flatmate is around – it was just the spirit of the thing, y’know.

Sunday was a quiet day and Monday was a day of endless food, starting with dim sum then cake and crisps then roast beef and all the trimmings which made me feel rather faint by the time I heaved myself grinning and groaning into bed.

And I was up on Tuesday feeling considerably bulky after my gluttonous birthday feasting and had to haul myself into the countryside for the hilarious staff and board of directors retreat. More on that in another post as it still feels too close to the time to discuss it… let’s just say, it was alternately brilliant and horrible, just like the weather.

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