Saturday, June 05, 2004

I'm writing up this post... via broadband!


Strike up the band!

Wake up the dancing girls!

Uncork the baby oil!

After an entire year of being offline at home and therefore dependent on internet cafes and my PC at work, I'm back online. And this time, I mean to be wireless.

Yes, the next step is to get the rest of the flat online and then set up a wireless network - because... well, because we can. Side note to my brother, in case you are reading this: I've just found the network card slot on my laptop. Yes, yes, it was there all along, I'm a twat and I was wrong about it having an inbuilt network card, feel free to mock me mercilessly next time we meet...

Even if this brings on a relapse of the migraine I had this afternoon, I'm surfing til I pass out. (Though this isn't necessarily true: I'd rather pass out comfortably in bed next to the gently snoring Taxloss and I think I will stop before another migraine comes on - I'd forgotten how awful they can be since it's almost a year since my last one but I was so knocked out by it, I had to lie down under the meeting room table moaning softly to myself, waiting for my vision to return to normal before I could go home. I heroically made some important calls before getting a cab back which nearly killed me. And I missed out on the Friday doughnuts. Not the best Friday afternoon I've had so far...)

I'm off to sample the delights of a high-speed internet connection at home such as:

I am a giant mutant kitten. Not strange at all.

Which cute or possibly strange kitten are you?
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Ah. The internet. It has the answer to everything.

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